Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Food story: Provence Artisan Bakers

Not so long ago, I met up with my China crew for another one of our famous food adventure. (As you can tell, we all love good food, cool little brunch spots and photo-taking :D). We were going to go check out Madame Mango, but that turned out to be closed, so we ended up at this little Parisian joint.

Provence Artisan Bakers

Nice looking bread loafs and cakes

From where I sat

Mediterranean eggs with bread and herb mayonnaise 

A closer look :D

Veggie breakfast!

Mushrooms :)

Drooling at breads once again :D

Plants and coffee

Lights that remind me of lamp posts

Just another Parisian cafe

Pretty droopy pot plant!

Such nice decorations everywhere!

From the front

Cafe: This is one of those blink-and-you'll-miss-it cafes on Burke St in Camberwell. From the outside, it looks like an ordinary little coffee shop...but when you walk it, it becomes a quaint little French-inspired bakery, complete with Parisian styled decor and rows of pastries, breads, muffins and vanilla slice :D There are lots of little pot plants, lovely framed pictures and fancy little bits and pieces to look at. The cafe is small and doesn't seat many, but you're welcome to sit outside or by the window, where its easier to join a couple of tables.

Customer Service: The cafe was rather busy when we were in, so the waitresses were busy with their jobs and our breakfast orders were late. But as it was really busy and there were several of us (some who had missed their alarms and were on their way :P), we didn't really mind. The service was pretty ok.

Food: All the pasteries and bread looked sooo good! I'm sad to say that I didn't get to try any on the day I was there, but I'll update you if I ever get my hands on that vanilla slice. For brunch, I had the Mediterranean breakfast, which was Provence Artisan Bakers' specialty dish. This was pretty much eggs scrambled in a tomato sauce with feta cheese sprinkled on the top and a serving of rye bread and herbed mayo on the side. The dish was nice - cooked well and presented well - but not the best brunch dish I've picked. It was a matter of personal taste- I think I'm just not much of a tomato paste person. But it did add a nice, sweet tomato flavour to the eggs and I really liked the way they were served in a cute little red pan. The bread and herb mayo were delicious too. Personally, I really liked the look of the Vegetarian big breakfast and the mushroom and avocado on toast. Those looked tasty. All in all, try the breads and pastries...and try the breakfasts - they're all very good vegetarian/ healthy options!

Price range: $12-$20

With thanks to: My China crew :)

Address: 919 Burke Rd, Melbourne, Vic , 3123

Website: None of its own, but check out its urbanspoon rating! http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/71/1510641/restaurant/Camberwell/Provence-Artisan-Bakers-Melbourne

Provence Artisan Bakers on Urbanspoon

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